Our Core Values

Our business is based on three major core values we ensure are carried through into every project we undertake.

Accuracy: As they say, words matter. We only work with the most highly skilled, highly experienced transcribers, in order to ensure that our transcripts are an indispensable tool.

Reliability: Whilst courtrooms and arbitration centres are our everyday, we understand that our clients will often not be in familiar territory. When there are various moving parts to make a hearing run smoothly, our clients depend on us for consistent, timely, and high-quality legal transcription. Our track record is a testament to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Cost-Effectiveness: We train our transcribers to oversee the IT in the hearing room and we make them the point of contact for any urgent requests or clarifications, meaning that we can respond quickly and also to minimise admin staffing, allowing us to provide affordability in an industry where quality often comes at a premium.

Why Choose Us?

Juriscript stands out in the discipline of legal transcription services for several compelling reasons. With a team of seasoned professionals specialising in court transcription, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. Our expertise ensures that your transcripts meet the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism.

Whether you require verbatim transcripts for UK court proceedings or documentation for international arbitration, Juriscript acts as your trusted partner. Our services extend to international firms, providing English transcription expertise tailored to meet global legal standards.

Juriscripts also helps law firms embrace the future of legal proceedings with our virtual hearing services. From training to facilitation and execution, Juriscript helps law firms and legal teams with seamless virtual solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to the digital landscape, and saving legal professionals time and resources.